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A useful and simple tool for creating professional resumes and CVs

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Whether it's called a Curriculum Vitae or a Resume, CV Resume Builder will create that all-important employee profile, complete with standout visual appeal. Granted, the qualifications and experience written down by a jobseeker are important, but human beings, employers included, are graphically minded individuals. In other words, appearances count. Using CV Resume Builder, employment applicants can really work on this illustrative factor while adding their core skills to the document.

And that's the goal, the reason why this tool exists. It turns what's usually a tedious but entirely essential activity into a breeze, all thanks to a built-in template system. Find a resume template that suits the applicant's job sector, one that best illustrates a certain skillset or key qualification. Highlight particular degrees or certificates. Get the hiring managers attention by adding decorative accents and pictures, or opt for a fancy font, a typeset that can be set to strengthen the text of a title or important job description. Remember, the employer may spend all day poring over scores of resumes, so that little something extra, as added by CV Resume Builder, could make the difference between yet another rejection and a forthcoming job interview.

Included among the built-in features, there are sample CV's and an instructional guide to help struggling applicants make their efforts stand tall. There are templates, which only require a few keystrokes on the blank spaces to personalize the document. If a template or sample CV doesn't help, check out the instructional guide mode, which is designed to take job seekers on a step-by-step tour through what it takes to create a professional resume. Core skills and qualifications, past job descriptions and current employee objectives, the software helps potential candidates navigate the employment minefields that often stymy the most seasoned job applicants. Frankly, CV Resume Builder's greatest strength lays in its ability to organize all of the sections of a CV in realtime so that the interface operator can eye-up the results and see, in real-time, whether any fine-tuning is required.

Simple and clearly designed to streamline what can otherwise be a painfully arduous chore, CV Resume Builder isn't chained down by loads of unnecessary features. There's a spell checker built into the program, because no employer wants to see spelling errors. Formatting tools take basic passages of text and fine-tune the raw input until it shines. Then, with the eye-catching output properly formatted, the final document is saved, perhaps for further revisions. Incidentally, if the computer user has access to MS Office, then this software instantly becomes even more usable, for it features built-in Office compatibility.


  • Simple, intuitive resume building interface
  • Samples CV's and templates
  • Office compatibility
  • The software is outdated

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